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 Hi, my name is Chris and this is my brother Parris.
My brother and I both work with  computers and are both avid online shoppers. We both love shopping online and have said many times that it's like having the largest shopping mall in the world, right in your own home. The best part about shopping online is that you always get the best selection and price, plus its faster and much easier than traveling all the way to the real mall. It is for us at least, but we often wondered why so few people we know enjoy shopping online.  After asking around we found that many people said that they were afraid to search around possibly picking up viruses and even when they did find a site to buy what they wanted, they worried about giving out their credit card information to some unknown entity on the internet. If they knew a place were they could find what they wanted and be confident that the merchant was reputable they would shop online all the time. So we decided to create such a place. A web site were you could shop around, get reviews and video demonstrations, plus find safe links to reputable merchants for the products you want at the best prices. The web site is definately still a work in progress, but we hope create a safe, fun, secure place for people to shop online.
     Studies have shown that most people consider shopping online to be stressful, difficult, and often takes longer to find what your looking for than it would to just run down to the store and buy it. Even though most people realize that they are limited in both variety and price, they prefer not to shop online because of the reasons previously mentioned.
     The reason that people find it so tricky and difficult to shop online is because people intentionally make it that way. It's all of the spammy, hacky, scammy, and just plain garbage sites that make it so hard to find a good place to buy what your looking for. The sites trying to trick you into buying something you don’t want or selling look a like products and brand fakes are plentiful, but it's the hackers and their viruses that really make online shopping risky. So my brother and I thought that if there was one place were people could get product reviews, video demonstrations, and most important 'safe links' to the exact products they were looking for- it would make online shopping safe, easy, and fun for everyone.
     I am a web designer and my brother has his own computer repair business. He has repaired many computers for people who have gotten viruses or malware and the costs can be much more than losing the $19.99 for the item they were shopping for. So we decided to combine efforts to create a safe place for people to shop around online without any worry of fake products or viruses. We place all of the links on the website ourselves and can therefore guarantee their safety. Plus we always try to get links for the best deals or at least the best price for the product your looking for so you know you're getting the best price.

After gaining some popularity with the website we quickly realized we needed to recruit a couple more reviewers to help with the product reviews. So we managed to get our father and my ex-wife to help us out with the reviews, so you will see their pictures and reviews throughout the site.

Katie is my ex-wife and will be focussing mainly on the Home&Beauty Products and the Health&Fitness Reviews. She loves online shopping as well and is also a kitchen gadget and shoe junkie so she really enjoys getting new products to do the reviews. Hopefully I can convince her to start doing some video reviews soon so she can demonstrate the products she's reviewing. She's a little more shy than my brother and I, so it might take her a while to get comfortable with the idea.

Our father (Woody) did the classic movie reviews section and also reviews various products like the Shake Weight and the stretch genie. He was a little more reluctant to get involved with the web site, but I think he really enjoys working with his (adult) kids on this project. Anyway he will be doing reviews for the older folks who are definately under represented online. He did marketing as a carrier so he does have some backround in this type of work but never online. I will also try to teach him how to do video reviews but thats gonna be a project.

We hope you are able to find what you're looking for and that you enjoy your visit to EpicReviews. If you have any questions or comments please visit the 
contact us page and send us a note. We also accept product review submissions and requests for products you wanna see reviewed.

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