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5.I highly recomend
4. Good Value&Product
3. Not my favorite chioce
2. I'd think twice about it
1. Bad Product; Terrible

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I like thin wallets. I went from using a leather wallet to a nylon wallet and finally to the "All-Ett" which is about as thick as a sheet of paper folded over once. Now there is the Aluma Wallet. It promises to be the thinnest, strongest, ‘bestest’ wallet you will ever own. So being a fan of thin- I had to try it.

The Aluma Wallet is shiny and pretty and hard to open at first. Once I got it open I was surprised to find that there was no place to put in my cash unfolded. I don’t know why but I like to have my cash fully extended and so this was a disappointment. You would think if you were designing a wallet you would have functionality in mind, and if this thing isn't big enough to hold a folded bill then its pretty much worthless!  Anyhow, I took the full contents of my All-Ett and moved it into the new Aluma Wallet. It all fit- until I tried to close the thing. It actually needs to snap shut to be closed so that none of your items will fall out. But try as I might I could not get it to close. I thought perhaps my money- just five or six bills- was folded incorrectly and was being too bulky. So I took the cash out entirely and still couldn’t close it! The contents of my paper thin All Ett were too much for the Aluma Wallet. So I cant say my Aluma Wallet Review is very favorable, I think there are better wallets that can do the same thing better.

Well, it may be nearly indestructible and also able to block people from reading the RFID tags that you might have in your credit cards- but that doesn’t do much good if you can’t fit your cards inside the wallet! Online both the Aluma Wallet and the All-Ett sell for about $14.99 and I really think if you want a thin wallet that can hold lots you need to check out the All-Ett and leave the Aluma Wallet to spies who have to travel light. Watch my Video Aluma Wallet review Below!

Aluma Wallet Review (Video)

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