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The Asus Epad Review












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The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a very fast tablet- sporting the quad-core Tegra 3.  It probably has computing horsepower surpassing that of a number of old Pentium 4 computers still grinding away with Windows XP.  The video solution in this tablet isn’t as blockbuster as that in the new iPadn(ie iPad 3) but the difference would likely not be noticeable except in some extremely intensive games being played full-screen.  For a do-everything all-around tablet the Transformer is hard to beat- but wait, there’s more…

     The companion piece to the Eee Pad Transformer is its dock- actually a nearly full size keyboard with various connectors and a battery that provides an additional five hours of run time for the Transformer.  For getting real work done it is hard to beat a physical keyboard.  The problem with that portability-wise is that is is another piece you have to carry around with you.  And of course you can get a Bluetooth keyboard to work with your iPad- so how is the dock different?   Well, if you are going to have to take a keyboard with you anyway to get some work done wouldn’t it be better if it could also give you five extra hours of power and a way to hook up external devices?

     The Asus Epad Review reveals the Transformer to be better than the iPad 2 and in a lot of ways better than the new iPad as well.  OS-wise it is now running Android OS 4- Ice Cream Sandwich.  And it is an Asus- what more can you say than that- I have chosen Asus motherboards for all my computer builds since the late 90s.  When you wanted reliable you chose Asus.

     For my money the best portable solution for my computing needs is a toss-up between this Asus Eee Pad Transformer and a Zenbook- which is the Asus brand of Ultrabook (lightweight, powerful, compact laptop computers).  There is something to be said though for a laptop that you can use for five hours- then rip the screen off and go on using it as a tablet for another 10 hours.  Hmmm…I will have to do some thinking before my birthday….. Thanks for reading my Asus Epad Review go to the main Tablet Review Page to find Tablet Reviews for all the top brand Tablets and E-Readers.

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