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What makes Epic Reviews the best E-cig review?

    Hello, my name is Chris and I was a twenty year two pack a day smoker when I made the switch to Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigs. I have currently been smoking E-Cigs for about two years and have developed a real affinity for them. I honestly believe that Electronic Cigarettes saved my life as I don't believe I would have ever quit smoking if it hadn't been for them. I made several mistakes when I first started 'vaping' and of course back then there wasn't as much good information available on Ecigs like there is today.  I decided to make it my mission to try as many top E-Cig brands as possible and do comprehensive  E-Cig reviews including video demonstrations for each. This is really what I wish someone had done when I was trying to decide which brand of electronic cigarette to buy.

    Luckily for you the task of compiling e-cig reviews for all the major brands has already been done, so all you have to do is decide what you want from your electronic cigarette, then go check out the reviews and decide which one will work best for you, its that simple. I review every brand myself so you know I've really tried them all, as I have video demonstrations of myself using each. So you not only get my opinion about each E-cig you also get to see each Electronic Cigarette in action. You want to get your reviews from someone who has tried all the brands otherwise how do they know how good it is relative to what's on the market. We also have coupons and specials for many of the top brands, so you can save a few bucks and your health.

    A lot of people ask me what brands of electronic cigarette I smoke personally. I have several favorites, but right now I have been vaping this new brand of ecig that's come on the market in just the past few months. If your interested in checking them out I put a link below, otherwise go to the main review page and start checking out the E-Cigs. You can go here to find more of my Best E cig Reviews.

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