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Its raining Jelly Beans at Asus

Asus just announced that their Transformer series of Eee Pads will soon be receiving the newest Android update- Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean gets rid of much of the infamous "Android lag" and improves search and navigation. Many recent phones are still running on Gingerbread and lots of tablets are stuck with Honeycomb so kudos to Asus for taking the time to update their current batch of tablets instead of just focusing on the next generation.

7-2-12 Kindle Fire Price Drop this Fall

If you loved the Kindle Fire at $199 what would you say to $169? The folks at DealNews report that Amazon will be coming out with a "Kindle Fire 2" before Christmas and that at that time the price of the original Kindle Fire should drop to about $169. Will Google respond with a price drop on the Nexus 7? We can hope.

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