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Breville Juicer Review

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 Breville Juicer Review

I may be writing this Breville Juicer Review, but just like you I think juicing is a royal pain. Anyone who tells you they can make it "fun" with cleanup "in a snap" is lying to you. But as the Most Interesting Man in the World might say- I don’t always make juice, but when I do I use a Breville juicer. If juicing were cheap and easy most people would do it. If juice didn’t start to go rancid after just a day or two you would be able to buy it by the quart in the supermarket. So if you want real juice with all its benefits you need some time, some money and a good quality juicer.

We bought our juicer almost six years ago. And though it may sit for a month or two at a time on the counter unused when we get into juicing mode we really put it through its paces. It is heavy with nice rubber padded feet that keep it from walking across the counter. The pieces of the juicer fit together well and in a well-engineered and well-designed way that means you don’t need to keep the instructions handy to remember how to assemble it. The motor is powerful at ¾ horsepower, but not very loud. The noise comes in when you run something like stalks of celery down into it. But I don’t think there is any way of tearing apart the pulp and fiber and extracting the juice without the noise.

And the pulp that it shoots into the waste container is very dry so you are getting most of the liquid out of the fruits and vegetables you are putting in. Our usual juice is a few small apples (small apples don’t need to be cut before using- they fit right into the juicer whole), a pear, celery, chard, a beet, cucumbers, spinach and carrots. For about $10 ~ $12 worth of produce I get just over 2 quarts of juice. Like I said- real money is needed if you are going to be a juicer.

The Breville juicer is quick and efficient and not any noisier than a juicer has to be. But how about the cleanup- isn’t that the part that really makes you not want to start juicing in the first place- just imagining having to wash and scrub and scrape all those parts? Well- the cleanup still stinks, but it is only about a 10 minute stink. I dump the contents of the pulp catching container into a bag and tie it up and put the rest of the pieces on the counter next to the sink. If you clean up immediately after juicing- before letting anything dry out or harden- most of the parts can be cleaned with a little running water and rubbing your hand over them. The exception is the screen mesh that surrounds the grinding plate- the part that actually turns your solid produce into liquid. A brush that is included with the Breville juicer can clean the whole grinder assembly and mesh in about one minute. Stack everything up somewhere to dry and then reassemble it later so it is ready for the next day’s or next week’s juicing. After doing my Breville Juicer Review it took me about 10 minutes to clean everything up.

I researched many juicers before deciding on the Breville Juicer. The exact model I bought was the JE900 which has since been replaced by newer and improved models but if you check out the Amazon reviews you will see that the Breville juicers are always highly rated. You won’t go wrong with any of their models. So get back into juicing- you know about all the benefits. Stay juicy my friend. Check below to see a Video version of my Breville Juicer Review.

Watch a video of my Breville Juicer Review.

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