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The Dream Lites Pillow Pets Review
      As Seen on tv
    These Dream Lites Pillow Pets sure have been popular on tv and the web, and the kids sure get excited watching the ads on televisions and dreaming of their new pet/nightlight keeping their rooms boogy-man free for years to come.  But do they work as advertised and are the kids still as excited after they open the box and see the actual product?

    I have a friend with two small children and they both wanted one of these, so after many evening rants he finally conceded and ordered one for each of them. He was immediately frustrated with the telephone ordering system and says now he just wished he has ordered of Amazon instead of by phone. But once he got through with the ordering process he was happy with the product and price.

    I think the key to this product is knowing what you're getting before you order so you or your kids won't be disappointed when it arrives. My friend's younger child expected this toy to be more cuddly like a stuffed animal and was disappointed, but the other child was thrilled with his as he was really looking forward to the star projection on the walls. The top of the pillow is covered by a clear plastic where the lights are projected from and this makes the dream lite pillow pet not suitable for cuddling, but it makes a much better nightlight/ light show projector than it does a pillow pet. 


    So if you and your kids are looking for a unique and fun night light then the Dream Lites Pillow Pets would be great. It has an automatic timer that turns off after 20 minutes allowing the kids to drift off with stars around their heads but doesn't stay on all night like many night lights. Overall I would say this product works pretty well and can be fun for kids at night, but it isn't a cuddly toy. Also many people say that they thought it would be larger so keep that in mind, however it is big enough to cast scattered light across about 80% of the ceiling so I was impressed with that. Anyway if you do decide to buy one you should definately get it either at Walgreens or through Amazon (see our link below) both are hassle free. Thanks for Reading my Dream Lites Pillow Pets Review, for more as seen on tv reviews go here.

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