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    This Dyson Vacuum Cleaner features several improvements over any other vacuum cleaner, but the advantage you will notice first is how much easier it is to use, especially for someone like me -- an old man with arthritic hips and knees. My previous vac had actually become painful to use. The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner requires less effort because of its light weight and the Dyson Ball design, which not only lets it move easily, but also makes it easier to work around corners, furniture legs, etc. Other advantages include washable (every three months) HEPA filters that make the Dyson’s expelled air cleaner than the air you normally breath. 

     The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner design also makes it a more efficient cleaning instrument because it doesn’t lose suction power as a bag (there is none) fills up with dirt. The dirt collector bin is emptied by inserting it into a plastic bag or waste can and pressing a button at the top -- you never have to touch the dirt. The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner can be safely used on any floor surface and a telescoping wand extends its reach to over 15 feet. The superiority of Dyson’s design is evidenced by the extremely simple operator’s manual that explains everything you need to know in several illustrations with a few words of text. 

    It’s not the cheapest vacuum cleaner you can find but is not much different in cost from other top-line vacs. The bigger question is -- what are your time, convenience and a cleaner home worth to you?


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