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Use Easy Feet to Cure Smelly Feet!
Dont suffer with smelly, cracked, painful feet for another day

    Do you have problems with athletes foot or smelly, cracked and sore feet? I have suffered from painful cracks and dry smelly feet for most of my life. I've tried all the powders and athlete foot sprays, but nothing seemed to work. OK, sure maybe after using an entire spray can of tenactin I would notice a slight improvement, but it seemed the problem would quickly come back worse than ever. This had been the case for me until I tried the easy feet foot scrubber(as seen on tv). I was only testing this out to make a review for this site, but I did not initially like them and gave them a bad review-2 out of 5 stars- see full easy feet review here. I mentioned that the suction cups did not hold firm allowing the easy feet to slide around the tub creating a true hazard. 
    However, even after only using the easy feet foot scrubber twice I noticed that my feet did not smell at all. This surprised me because usually no matter how well I washed my feet I could not get the smell out. They were just so cracked and the skin so broken that it was impossible to clean them properly. But the easy feet scrubbing brisles really got deep into the cracks and cleaned my feet better than anything I had ever tried. 
    So I continued to use the easy feet, but not when I showered as standing was dangerous; so instead I would just sit on the side of the tub and wash my feet in the tub using the easy feet. To my amazement my athletes foot problem cleared up within a couple of weeks, and my feet didn't smell at all anymore- even when first getting home from work and taking my shoes off. Now my feet are so smooth on the bottom with no signs of athletes foot what-so-ever. My feet have never felt this good and now I have come to love the way it feels to use the easy feet, and I look foward to using it every evening to scrub and massage my feet. I did not recomend the easy feet very highly to the general public, but I would highly recomend it to anyone suffering from athletes foot or smelly painful cracked feet. Dont suffer another day! Fix your feet now- use the safe link provided below to order your own EasyFeet.

Do your feet feel like this?... Now they can feel like this!

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