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Easy Feet Review
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My Easy Feet Review:

The Easy Feet foot cleaner was kind of a disappointment, but not because it didn't clean feet well, because it does. The problem is more in the design and stability as you will see in my Easy Feet Review. The biggest problem with this product was the suction cups used to attach the Easy Feet to the bath tub or shower floor. As with all suction cups they work well if being pulled directly against, but less well when slid side to side, and this problem is amplified when you add a wet slippery floor. The suction cups simply won't stay in place to allow you to work your feet back and forth as necessary to clean them. This also creates a dangerous situation as the instability of this device combined with being on one foot in a slippery bath tub could lead to serious injury. It did work pretty good if you used it while sitting on the edge of the bath tub with your feet in the tub. Aside from the stability and safety issues it did do a good job of cleaning feet, but not from a standing position. Because of the danger issues and because it does not do exactly what it says it does, we were only able to give Easy Feet 2 out of 5 stars.

*I have actually improved my opinion significantly since I did my Easy Feet Review about a year ago. The Easy Feet actually does a great job cleaning your feet, you just have to be a little careful when using it. I have always suffered from bad feet and athletes foot issues, but the Easy Feet foot scrubber has cleared them up completely. I now regular use the easy feet foot scrubber about once a week as part of my regular foot maintenance. I have written an updated article since I published my Easy Feet Review, and you can go here to read it.

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