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Hardboil Eggs Without the Shell!

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I got the Eggies system about a week after ordering it, and I felt it took a little longer than it should have to arrive. When the Eggies did arrive the box had everything that was supposed to be included. I didn't have a lot of problem getting the Eggies to work, but found the set up and clean up times to be much longer than just boiling an egg in the shell. Each Eggie consists of 4 parts including a collar to tighten everything down. This seemed excessive to me and meant a lot of pieces to clean after hardboiling your eggs. As you can see from my Eggies Review I did get the system to work ok and the egg tasted just like a regular hardboiled egg, although it did look a little funny. Also keep in mind that you will really need to tighten that collar down snug or you will get egg leaking out from the grooves. So while this product did work, it didn't work well enough in my opinion. So because of poor product design and difficult application I was only able to give the Eggies two and a half out of five stars. I didn't really see much point in boiling eggs without the shell but if this is something that appeals to you then the Eggie should work great because it does in fact boil eggs without the shell. Thanks for reading my Eggies Review, for more as seen on tv reviews click here.

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