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Electronic Cigar Review

Finally there is an Electronic Cigar that rivals the real thing. E Cigs have been great for years for people that smoke cigarettes, but what about us cigar smokers? Now there's an Electronic Cigar that's designed to satisfy a real cigar smoker. Check out this review by Katie who tried the SmokeTip E Cigar for a weak.

Electronic Cigar Review 

For years now I have enjoyed the occasional cigar to celebrate important events or just to relax at a weekend barbeque. Trouble was, someone would always approach me about the offensive smell, even if I was outside. I went through countless electronic cigar products, but that was only until I found the SmokeTip Electronic Cigar. The problem with most of the other electronic cigars I tried was not enough vapor compared to a real cigar, and the batteries just didn’t seem to last long enough for me.

      The SmokeTip Electronic Cigar put out plenty of vapor; people would come up to me thinking I actually was smoking a real cigar because of the amount of "smoke" they saw. In reality, the electronic cigars of course do not produce any smoke, just vapor, but the amount of vapor was key for me. With the SmokeTip Electronic Cigar, you exhale a thick rich vapor that swirls and dissipates just like a cigar. Another benefit was I never had a hoarse voice the next day, and there was no odor to cling to my clothes or cause complaints. With the other electronic cigar brands, you had to inhale the vapor to get any nicotine, but the SmokeTip Electronic Cigar contains 18mg of nicotine, you can puff it without inhaling, and still get the same buzz like you would puffing on a real cigar.


The SmokeTip Electronic Cigar’s battery definitely outlasted the other brands; the official website claims that it lasts for about 1000 puffs or 12 cigars, and I would agree. And every puff, up the last one, produces the same rich thick vapor. They come in two flavors; Cuban and Havana. The Cuban is a bold, fuller flavor, while the Havana has a sweeter taste. Both are excellent. I would most definitely recommend the SmokeTip Electronic Cigar. Thanks for reading my Electronic Cigar Review, for more E-cig Review click here. Or you can watch a video version of my Electronic Cigar Review Below.

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