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  8 -9 hrs
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EverSmoke electronic cigarette is revolutionizing the ecig industry with its incredible vapor production and attention to detail. The batteries are the longest lasting Ion lithium batteries available and can provide up to 9 hours of smoke time on the largest battery. The product and customer service at EverSmoke are both top notch making them one of the most reliable electronic cigarette companies on the market. All starter kits come with your choice of battery size and color as well as a choice of automatic or manual. The best working products as well as the variety of styles really sets EverSmoke apart from the competition.
The EverSmoke electronic cigarette review has consistantly been one of most popular reviews as EverSmoke gains in popularity and market share. This company is going to be a top ecig company for many years to come so theres no worries of having to find another electronic cigarette brand years down the road. EverSmoke truly has it all; 1. Great vapor production 2. Incredible throat hit 3. The best variet, and 4. Best customer service you will find. EverSmoke is one of the few online companies that I never hesitate to recomend, as I know their product quality and customer service are second to none.

The EverSmoke product line consists of the highest quality batteries, cartridges, and accesaries that you can find anywhere. Starter kits include everything you need to get started vaping and everything you will need to keep vaping for years to come.
Eversmoke cannot be beat when it come to value for your money, as no other electronic cigarette company offers the quality of EverSmoke at the price of EverSmoke.
And with a complete line of quality accessaries you can get everything you need from car chargers and carrying cases to the new rechargeable carrying case. Now you can charge your electronic cigarette on the go. The EverSmoke charging case is both stylish and functional, providing a convienent way to carry your EverSmoke products and keep them fully charged at the same time.
This sleek charging case even has a meter on the side so you can always know the exact status of your batteries. Never be left without a charged ecig battery again!
Dont waste your time on Ecig brands that dont produce, and cost too much. There are many ecig brands on the market that do not live up to the advertisement, but EverSmoke is on electronic cigarette company that really comes through on quality, and they back up their products with guarentees and exceptional customer service. Dont be dissapointed with some company that promises great things but doesn't deliver. Epic Reviews personally vouches for the quality and reliability of EverSmoke electronic cigarettes. We are proud to put EverSmoke at the top of our review charts and feel confident that you will love the product as much as we at Epic Reviews do.
Dont wait another day destroying your health and spending to much money on cigarettes. Now there is a true alternative to smoking that allows you to continue your habit, but without any of the tars or toxins associated with traditional cigarettes. Right now you can save big at EverSmoke as they has reduced the price of all their starter kits by $20.00 and you can get an extra 10% off you order by using the coupon link provided by Epic Reviews.
Order your EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette today and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle tomorrow. Now you can save money and your health with EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette, why wait another day?
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