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    In today's economy, with business ventures failing left and right, why do As Seen on TV products sell so well, raking in an estimated $300 BILLION dollars a year from mostly satisfied and repeat customers? According to some recent studies, 1 in 3 Americans have purchased a product from an infomercial. Some of the best-selling categories include kitchen gadgets, exercise equipment, and health/ beauty. 

    Nationally, restaurants, gyms, and high end cosmetics are struggling to keep customers, let alone upsell them into spending more. The fact is, we still have money to spend. We just don’t have as much of it, so we are more cautious in how much we spend, and what we invest in. When families can’t afford to eat out, they cook at home, prompting the need for the As Seen on TV kitchen gadgets that save families time, and diversify their menu without expensive, complicated equipment. The Pasta Boat and The Perfect Tortilla are perfect examples. They are affordable, simple, and time-saving, therefore easily answering the once dreaded question, "What’s for Dinner?" Especially during tight times when limited groceries can mean limited menu options.


So as long as the price is right, and the product saves both time and money then we will buy it. And with online shopping becoming safer and gaining confidence, customers can now avoid potentially pushy sales people from the toll free numbers. So which new kitchen gadget have you had your eye on?

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