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Galaxy Nexus Dock Review

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Google Galaxy Nexus Review

Google Galaxy Nexus Dock Review

     Back when I ordered my Google Nexus One I bought the desktop and vehicle docks for it at the same time. They weren’t the best docks, but at least they were guaranteed to work for the most part. With Google’s recent decision to sell the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM phone I had hoped they would offer the basic accessories for the phone from their Google store. But now two months later there is still nothing available at the Google Galaxy Nexus store other than the phone itself. So I had to go searching for the accessories on my own. I knew I wanted a dock that would charge the phone quickly, put the phone into "dock mode" and hold the phone in the horizontal position for video viewing. The only docks sold by Samsung directly for the GSM Galaxy Nexus held the phone vertically- so they were out. And some of the knock-off docks would hold the phone horizontally but not use the three metal contacts on the side of the phone and so the phone would ‘t switch to dock mode. I finally found a dock I liked- and it was actually made by Samsung- but it wasn’t being sold in the U.S. Fortunately there is a company called Expansys that specializes in bringing phones and related accessories to our shores from other markets. 
     So I think I paid a little more for the dock- but it is exactly what I was looking for and it works great. The only caveat with the phone is that you need to get the latest Android 4.0 update to 4.04 so it will go into dock mode. The dock is easy to setup- unbox, plug into your charger (and speakers if you like)and place the phone into the cradle. I needed to seat the phone firmly the first few times I put it into the dock in order for the contacts to seat properly. But since then the phone slides in easily and switches right into dock mode. Dock mode is great as it instantly rotates the screen and enlarges the time. After 10 minutes or so the screen goes black except for the time in blue characters. The phone works great as an alarm clock like this. It is also good for watching Netflix or the TV.com app. Another nice thing is that the dock is fairly heavy and so it doesn’t slide around easily when you tap the screen or volume buttons.

Here is the link to buy this dock:

And I am still shopping for a vehicle dock for my phone. I almost bought one but reading the reviews I got a quick lesson on the difference between a dock and a mount (with a mount you still need to plug the charger directly into the phone- so the phone doesn’t enter dock mode)and realized I would looking at a mount. So my search for a good vehicle dock continues.

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