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GoJo Hands Free HeadSet Review

    With all the laws being enacted in many states banning the use of cell phones while driving, it seems like the GoJo Hands Free Headset is an idea whose time has come. Unlike the earpieces that still leave you holding the phone, this device turns your entire cell phone into a hands free device. By attaching the cell phone directly to your head you free up both your hands for driving or any other tasks. So the idea behind the product is solid, but is the product itself as solid?

    Although there have been complaints of the plastic breaking if stretched to far, for most people the GoJo seems to work pretty well, but you do want to be a little bit gentle putting it on. I have also seen many comments about the GoJo being too tight for some people's heads, so if you know you have a rather large noggin you may want to look for another option. Another concern has been about the type of phone you have as some phones seem to work better with this device than others. For flat smooth cell phones (like the Iphone) it seems to attach and work fairly well, but if you have a different shaped phone or if the camera lens is more centered on your phone, you may have a tougher time getting the GoJo to attach and work properly. The GoJo Hands Free Headset has to be able to attach near the center of the phone in order for the earpiece to be in the right location to hear. Used on the right phone and for the right person this device can work like a charm, and if its something you're interested in or think you could use, its a small price tag to give it a try. Just be sure to order from a reputable source (See Link Below) so you don't get tricked into buying more sets than you want (extra S&H apply for each of course).
So in conclusion to my Gojo Hands Free Review; if its something you wanna try I would say go ahead and get it. Just realize that there are a few possible issues and it does not work as well on every phone. But for people who needs a truly hands free option for their cell phone, this is a very inexpensive solution- cheaper than most head sets like blue tooth.

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