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Go Daddy Website Builder Review 
     I have had quite a bit of experience with the Go Daddy Website Builder, as I build this entire 200+ page website using nothing but Godaddy Web Design Software. I have found the Go-daddy program to be reliable and fairly easy to figure out and use. I began using Godaddy to design web pages on their Website Tonight website builder which was far inferior to Go-daddy's current web designer, but nonetheless was able to get incredible results even with the old design program. One of the best aspects about using Godaddy is their customer support. I know we all roll our eyes when we hear the words "our friendly customer service reps", but in this case its true. I have never had more helpful people than the Go-daddy customer support team. I originally only had a $10 domain name and a free website design program, and the Go-daddy reps must have spent a dozen hours with me over the first few months helping me learn the design process. Now that I am an old pro I find I rarely need to call customer support anymore, but have always felt good knowing their there if I need them.  

    Price is another reason I like the Go-daddy Website Builder. The prices for their website builder is very competative, but more than that Godaddy constantly has 25% and 33% off sales allowing you get great pricing on all Godaddy products if you make sure to catch them when their on sale. I never felt like I was bothering anyone and they never tried to give me the bums rush. I even remember calling on the 4th of July once and the guy was obviously on-call from his home and I could hear that he had friends over, but he was still very patient and making sure to answer all my questions. 24 hour a day customer support is not something you can over look when first learning web design and using a product like the Go Daddy Website Builder for the first time.      
    Finally, I love the ease of which Go-daddy Website Builder makes everything you do. Everything is laid out in a way that makes logical sense and one you learn where everything is it becomes a breeze to add content to your site. Anything you can do with other web designers you can do with Go-daddy from inserting text, pictures, and video - to inserting java script and html code. Whatever your level of skill Go Daddy web designer will work for you. It's simple enough for the beginner, yet has levels of complexity that will keep even the best web designers busy. Its has never been easier to create and publish your own website. 

    So whether you want to build a website to capture a share of the e-commerce or just to capture the hearts of friends and family, the Go-daddy website builder is the perfect web site builder for you. Don't just trust my Go-daddy Website Builder Review, see for yourself- go look around this website and see what Go Daddy website builder can really do. Order today and save money on your first purchase from Go Daddy. Use the link below to visit the site.

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