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Google Jelly Bean Update

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Google Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean 

    Update After days of tapping "update" on my Google Galaxy Nexus phone settings my Jelly Bean update notification finally arrived. I read through the message telling me all the benefits of Jelly Bean over Ice Cream Sandwich (though I certainly didn’t need any convincing) and told the phone to do its thing. It restarted to a cute Android animation with a glowing sphere in its chest being "reenergized." 

    After a couple of minutes it restarted again and I noticed the phone start-up graphics are now completely different- rather than the full screen undulating tiles of color it is more of an understated glow alternating between the four colored bars of the Android X. It told me as it was updating all of my 35 apps and sure enough they all seem to work fine running on Jelly Bean. In fact- they work faster. I had read that this update really did eliminate the "Android lag" that you see when starting apps or switching screens. Well, eliminate is a strong word- too strong to use with how this update improved my Google Galaxy Nexus, but screens do switch MUCH more smoothly. And apps do open faster. So it is much better- but not perfect. Some of the animations have changed slightly including the unlock slider. 
    One of the things I was most looking forward to the reported ability with Jelly Bean to cache the maps and directions for your trips in Google Navigation. I went through setting a route, but I couldn’t find anywhere to cache the trip. I will have to look into it more. But overall, pretty pleased. And though I am not pleased for myself- the Google Galaxy Nexus price has dropped since I bought mine in May. It was $399 from the Google Play store- it now sells for $349. The phone isn’t a Galaxy S III- but for half the price it is a really good phone.
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