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HD Vision Sunglasses Review - As Seen on TV

I picked up these HD Vision Sunglasses just to see what they would be like and so I could do a review of them. I really didn't expext to like them at all, and to my surprise I was totally hooked on them after a week. Now I can't go back to the regular old dark sunglasses. Everything is just so much brighter outside when your wearing these HD Vision Sunglasses as opposed to how dark everything is when wearing traditional sunglasses. The one downside was that I really didn't care for the style that much and I'm not a big fan of those yellow tinted lenses, but they weren't that bad. Still I heard they made the HD vision sunglasses in an aviator style as well so I also picked up two pairs of HD vision aviator sunglasses one in brown and one in black.  The only thing I didn't care for with the aviator style sunglasses was the metal hinges can catch in your hair, wereas the rayban style sunglasses have thick plastic hinges which glide much smoother in and out of your hair. With either style of HD Vision Sunglasses though the clearity is the amazing and it makes you feel like your not wearing sunglasses at all. Anyway for $9.99 its not much of a risk, so if you're looking for a new way of looking at the world, these HD Vision Sunglasses might be just the ticket.

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