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Title:   HAIR


    Adapted from a hit 1968 Broadway musical, Hair presents the story of a Viet Nam era draftee who falls in with a group of hippies who introduce him to a very different lifestyle. Good music and wonderful choreography performed by the Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation. The cast includes Nell Carter, Treat Williams and many other fine performers. 

The writers of the original show, James Rado and Jerome Ragni, were not happy with the screen production of Hair and director Milos Forman also complained about the final product. But Hair got mostly good reviews and was popular at the box office. The studio later sold the film into TV syndication and it was chopped up to fit around the commercials and whole segments were cut out to reduce the running time, creating what Forman decried as a butchered mess. The unaltered film is good entertainment, the TV airings are not.


1979, Directed by Milos Forman

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