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Hercules Hooks Review

Hercules Hooks are Easy to Use

Can hold up to 150lbs

For heavy pictures try this professional hanging set



Drywall Hanging Hooks Easier to install into drywall than anchors and they make a much smaller hole in the wall. If you have tried using drywall anchors to hang paintings and pictures, you know they are often more trouble than they're worth. Hercules Hooks replace the need for drywall anchors and are much easier to use and less messy. They can usually be pushed in without tools but, depending on whether the drywall is only painted or is plastered, a small nail might be helpful to get the hole started. The manufacturer claims they can support up to 150 pounds and customers report they easily hold up fairly heavy mirrors, paintings, wall hangings, etc. For very heavy or large dimension items, using a pair might be helpful. These hooks come 20 to a package and a laser marker is included in certain combo packs. This will not work on wooden walls or plaster, and should only be used on fresh drywall with no water damage or rot. One complaint was that they will not hold things flush to the wall so for pictures or paintings that must fit tight to the wall try the professional picture hanging set on the left.  For lighter items or simple jobs you may want to try the Insta-Hang, or check out our Insta Hang Review. Thanks for reading my Hercules Hooks Review, for more as seen on tv reviews go here.


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