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You’re Not the Only one Not Using Your Gym Membership

    It’s true, you’re not the only one who proudly carries a gym membership card, but never really uses it, and yet compelled by guilt to keep it. Yet in today’s economy, everyone is trimming their spending to some degree, whether to save money or just get the bills paid. This is forcing many people to cancel their gym memberships, (however secretly grateful they may be for a good excuse). Yet sales of home exercise equipment remain strong, and continue to increase regardless of the economies slow recovery. There are many reasons for this. 

    High unemployment rates combined with struggling employers result in more people competing for fewer, lower paid jobs. The older and more experienced people are focusing more now than ever on looking younger in this competing market. If you’re not competing for a job, you’re competing for a sale, a client, or just plain job security. Also, more and more Americans are realizing that they’ll have retire later than they’d hoped, and need to stay fit to continue working and still be able to enjoy a postponed retirement. 

    With fewer people covered by health insurance, chiropractors, physical therapists and even some surgeries are becoming too expensive. Instead people turn to popular products like the My Pillow and the Teeter Hang ups for relief, many with outstanding results.

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Gyms simply become too much of a hassle for most of us, and home equipment lets you work out whenever you want, (or can), you don’t have to burn precious gas to get there, no hot bodies to compete with, and no one’s sweat but your own to wipe off the seat! All in all, home exercise equipment is selling, selling fast, and being used regularly more and more. The products on the market today are far more affordable, more durable, better designed for those new to working out, and more likely to include instructional DVD’s which is basically like a personal trainer without the awkwardness and added cost.

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