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5. I highly recomend
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IPad 2 Review

My iPad 2 Review

With the New iPad out in stores why would you consider buying an iPad 2? The $100 price drop is a good start. And what has really changed from the iPad 2 to the New iPad? Apple has turned the iPad into a powerful graphics machine with more emphasis on content production and overall productivity. But if you are primarily a content consumer do you need all that horsepower?

Along with the $399 price tag the iPad 2 offers about 2 hours better battery life. It isn’t supposed to be that way- Apple dropped a much higher capacity battery into the New iPad to compensate for the extra battery drain of the retina display and the beefed-up graphics chip to run that screen- but you will still only get less than six hours battery life when you take full advantage of those graphics. Your $100 savings actually buys you an extra two hours of battery life before you need to plug in.

And how does all that extra used electricity used in the New iPad express itself?- as heat! Many reports from users about how hot the New iPad gets- even in casual use. Apple says say it is a "non-issue", but that is small solace if the whole tablet gets too warm to hold. My smart phones have always gotten hot when placed in the car windshield on a sunny day and used as a GPS- but never just from talking or playing Doodle Jump.

So all-in-all if you don’t want to deal with the growing pains of Apple making the iPad faster and brighter without quite solving the battery and heat issues in this revision of the device you might do well to buy the tried and true iPad 2.

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