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Indoor Dog Potty Review

Reviewed by Katie


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Pet Park Indoor Dog Potty Review as seen on tv

    The Pet Park Indoor Dog Potty sounds like either a dream come true or totally disgusting. It’s actually neither. Basically it’s a litter box for small dogs, except without the mess of cat liter. The mat itself is made of synthetic grass, which my dog was naturally attracted to. *They also sell an atracter spray that will help to encourage your dog to use the indoor dog potty. The waste falls through the anti-microbial mat of your Dog Potty and into a tray beneath which you just pull out and wash. You do have to be careful that you don’t accidently spill the tray (gross). There is an odor left behind, but I found that a pet odor elimination spray does the trick. I think the Indoor Dog Potty would be best outside on a patio or balcony, or for occasional emergency use. To have your pet use this as the main potty spot would probably get pretty smelly, but it would be worth it if your dog is really old, or disabled. Also if you live in an apartment and like many people you are at work all day, than this would be better than the alternative of your dog going on the rug or furniture. I think of all the indoor dog potties the Rascal Dog is probably the least messy and easiest to clean. It has high sides preventing splashing and spills.

    I plan to use the Rascal Dog Indoor Dog Potty in my motorhome for traveling because sometimes I have to leave him in there for longer than he can hold it. It’s really affordable and there’s always the 30-day money back guarantee if you decide you don’t like it, or can’t get your dog to use it. Definitely a good fit for apartment and condo dwellers or people who work long hours and can’t always get home to their dog. Thanks for reading my Indoor Dog Potty Review to find more pet product reviews go here.

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