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Insanity Asylum Workout Review
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The Insanity Asylum Workout is the second edition of the Insanity Workout. Pro athlete Shaun T (the video instructor) says that the original Insanity Workout was just a warm-up to the Insanity 2: The Asylum. Unlike the first workout series the Asylum is a 30 day not a 60 day workout program so you will see the results even quicker this time. The Insanity series is brought to you by Beach Body, the same people who created the P90X workout system, and several of the other most popular workouts systems in the world. This is a workout from a company with a proven record in fitness and health.

The Insanity Asylum Workout comes with everything you will need to get into the best shape of your life, or die trying. This workout is harder than the first one, more intense than the first one, and you will see even more results faster than with the first one. This workout routine is beng called the most difficult excercise routine ever created, and 'Beach Body' the makers of Insanity and P90X have said publicly that the Asylum workout is the single most difficult workout series they have ever produced.

The Insanity Asylum Workout System includes:
*6 workout DVD's (considered the hardest workout ever devised.
*A nutritional guide (to coordinate a healthy diet with the excercise program.
*A workout calender to keep track of your progress
With this special offer you will also recieve a speed rope and agility latter as free gifts!
So what are you waiting for? Order the Insanity Asylum Workout System and start getting into the best shape of your life today.

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