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    Insanity Workout Review   As Seen on TV

    With all the thousands of workout systems on the market today, there is surely a great program out there for everyone, and a lot of rip offs that will deliver nothing but disappointment and an empty wallet. So how do you know which one is the best for you? Well I tried the Insanity Workout and thought it was fantastic; maybe it will work for you too. I liked the results enough to recomend this in my Insanity Workout Review. The Insanity Workout offers a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days, but after a couple weeks, I noticed enough results to convince me to keep the program. The Insanity Workout is a program consisting of 10 DVDs. There is no equipment or weights needed. This was a huge plus for me because I live in a small apartment and already have some "folds up for easy storage" equipment and not much room for more. That is really the only easy part of this workout. 

    You just pop in the DVD and get started. Shaun T, the personal trainer who designed the program, is the same man who designed the popular workout Hip Hop Abs. They claim it’s a 60 day program, but I think the intensity makes that a little unrealistic for those who are just starting a workout program. As with any other exercise regimen, discuss it with your physician before starting the program. The secret behind the results is Max Interval Training which consists of long bursts of serious intensity followed by short periods of rest. I usually took longer rest periods at first, but I still got great results, so go at your own pace. The Insanity Workout is designed to build muscle fast through extra reps and maximum cardio. The only real warning I’d give with my Insanity Workout Review is that the first 30 days is by far the hardest. It is challenging to push yourself beyond this point, but if you make it the first 30 days, the next 30 days are much easier. I would suggest staying hydrated with plenty of water and make sure you increase protein in your diet. This workout focuses mostly on muscle mass, and without extra protein in your diet, muscle cramps and will quickly discourage you. I don’t know if this is the best workout for someone on a low calorie diet. There is no resistance except against yourself, so it seems like back injuries and such would be less likely. 

     I really liked the Insanity Workout Program, and Shaun T is extremely motivating without the cheesy Richard Simmons style. The price is great considering the results I got, and with the money back guarantee, it’s definitely worth a try. Use the safe direct link below and be sure your getting the Official Insanity Workout, because there is no substitute! Thanks for reading my Insanity Workout Review, for more health and fitness reviews check here.

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