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InstaBulb Review  as seen on tv

     As Seen on TV has another cool product, the InstaBulb. It has a base with adhesives that fasten it to the wall, and the light bulb unit slides in. The light bulb can slide out again so you can use it as a flashlight, but if you do that too much, the adhesive will loosen. The amount of light also isn’t best suited for that. I also noticed that in the garage, where it’s the hottest, the adhesive didn’t last as long. I finally just screwed the InstaBulb base into the wall, and then it worked just fine. The bulb itself is shatter proof and cool to the touch, which is nice when you’re using it as a flashlight. InstaBulb is made of plastic, not surprising considering the low price, but it makes me wonder how durable it is. The batteries don’t last too long, so you definitely wouldn’t want to use it as a porch light or something.

InstaBulb is best utilized in places like closets where you don’t need a lot of light, and not for very long. The safe direct link to the official website is below. This product ships quickly and is very inexpensive. InstaBulb uses AA batteries, and is easy to replace. I recommend this product; I have 3 and prefer them to the other battery lights. If you liked my InstaBulb Review, then check out my other as seen on tv reviews here.

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