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INSTA-HANG Review 47-Piece Set (As Seen on TV)
A quick, easy system for hanging pictures or other items up to 10 pounds the InstaHang is a cheap solution. If your trying to hang an entire wall of pictures or if you've recently moved and will be hanging tons of pictures for a house, apartment or dorm room, the InstaHang will save you tons of time and aggravation. If you only need to hang a couple of things or you just hang a picture every once in a while, then you probably dont need this. The angled pegs make only a small hole in the wall, which is nice and InstaHang customers report good results for this. However, other customers report they aren’t suitable for stuccoed or heavily plastered walls, but they work fine on painted drywall. Basically any surface that you would have trouble putting a tack in by hand will be a problem for the Insta Hang.  For items a little heavier than 10 pounds, a pair of pegs will serve the purpose or you might want to try the Hercules Hooks which can hold up to 50lbs each (check my Hercules Hooks Review). The Other thing that some people have complained about is difficulty loading the device, and occasionally pegs getting stuck in the InstaHang device and jamming. However many people seem to have used it without a problem and say it saves time and effort for hanging many pictures on drywall. Thank you for reading my InstaHanh Review, go here for more as seen on tv reviews.

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