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Kindle Fire Review

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Kindle Fire Review

Your internet connection is probably 10 times faster downloading than uploading- and that suits the Amazon Kindle Fire perfectly.   It is not for creating content, but for consuming content.  To the extent that digital books, movies, music and games can be consumed the Kindle Fire does a good job of consuming it.  Not such a good job of storing it as it ships with only 8gb of internal storage and there is no SD card slot for storage expansion.

 But this diminutive tablet supports wireless N which should be able to provide smooth streaming of everything the Kindle Fire can play.  It doesn’t have a hi-def screen so the video demands aren’t as great as that of the new iPad.  The CPU, video chip and 512mb of operating memory are all about right for this device to run smoothly.

 Since this is a Kindle the first thing you think of doing on it is reading.  And the e-book system works great- but it is not e-paper like the earlier versions of the Kindle.  It is a backlit screen and it is reflective.  So even though you can read in the dark it is challenging to read outside on a sunny day.  The screen has to do more than double duty displaying text in black in white, then when your kids grabs it it has to display game motion smoothly, and when the wife borrows it the color had better be sharp and vivid to show off romantic comedies in all their glory.

And most people read in silence.  But half the fun of games are the beeps and bleeps- and the internal small speakers are ok for that use.  But movies, and of course music, needs a good sound system.  The Kindle Fire is just too small to provide that.  It does have a headphone jack- but that means one more thing to carry with you.  And how about Bluetooth?- Sorry, not supported. 

Again- this tablet is for economical and portable media consumption.  For the next level of features look to high-end Android tablets or an iPad.  But as opposed to the $199 price tag on a Kindle Fire you will need to spend close to $500.  If you already go to Amazon for movies and apps, and especially if you are a member of Amazon Prime- so you have access to free media from Amazon, this device could be just the ticket to keep you and your family entertained.


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