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Lint Lizard Review as seen on tv

     Unfortunately, the Lint Lizard (as seen on tv) disappointed me. I bought the Lint Lizard after seeing the commercials, and thought I’d give a try to let you folks know whether it worked well or not, by doing a Lint Lizard review. It did work well to vacuum out the spaces between the fridge and counter, between the stove and counter, etc, but not very useful for the dryer itself. The Lint Lizard tube was definitely sturdy, but not flexible enough to maneuver into my dryer’s lint space. I did get out some lint, but it was tough to get the Lint Lizard in far enough. It did work better than taping a plastic tube to my vacuum. It might work better depending on what type of dryer you have. Mine is a standard Kenmore, and the space was just too tight for the Lint Lizard.I think the product would be more successful if it were marketed as being more of a general cleaning tool, not just one specific to dryers. It worked awesome in the kitchen spaces described above, as well as any nook or cranny that doesn’t require the tube to twist and turn through a space. The cost is minimal and shipping was quick; I think I got mine about a week after ordering it. Check out the Lint Lizard if you need a great cleaning tool for hard to reach places, but don’t necessarily count on it to get that hard to reach dryer lint. Thanks for reading my Lint Lizard Review, for more as seen on tv reviews check this link out.

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