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The Music Bullet Review:
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I got the Music Bullet a few days ago to use with my laptop computer which couldn't get loud enough to enjoy most music- especially not rap or anything with a lot of bass. So anyway I decided to try this Music Bullet after seeing the ad on television, and as with all 'as seen on tv products' I was somewhat skeptical about how well this little music bullet would really work. Well I figured its under $20.00 bucks anyway so what do I have to lose and at least I could do a Music Bullet Review for my website.

I can honestly say I was blown away by how loud these little speakers could get- the sound quality was another matter however. As long as you didn't turn up the sound too much the sound quality was pretty good, but gets very rough and scratchy at the high end. Even at half volume this speaker was louder than my old laptop speaker, and the sound is good at that level so I was happy. Unfortunately there ins't a volume adjustment on the speaker itself, so you have to adjust the volume on the laptop or other device. 

I really liked the fact that it had its own power supply in the rechargeable battery which lasts up to 5 hours. This is nice because I dont have to drain my laptop battery when I'm using this speaker. When the Music Bullet needs to be charged you simply plug it into the usb port on your desk top computer and it charges in about a couple hours. I also really liked the pop up feature because you can close it and fit it in to your jacket pocket for easy carrying.

So overall I was impressed with the Music Bullet, more with the sound volume than the sound quality.  I would recomend this to anyone looking for a portable speaker to give your IPad, IPhone, IPod, or any other gadget some needed volume boost. I gave the bullet 4 stars for the volume and 3 stars for the sound quality, for a three and a half star rating out of five.
  The music bullet comes in three colors and can be found with the links below. Thanks you for reading my Music Bullet Review, for more as seen on tv reviews click here.

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