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The New iPad


Finally, an iPad for the masses.  A device that is ready to create content, not just consume it.  The New iPad comes to a retailer near you March 16th.  This third generation of the Apple iPad is finally ready to start replacing computing devices- instead of just being a “luxury” item. 

 To start with the has gone from “phone-like” to better than hi-def.  The actual screen size has remained the same, but the pixels are much smaller.  The allows the screen to display for more detail.  In addition to being “pretty” this makes text much sharper and clearer.  It lets you fit more on the screen at a time.  Albeit with smaller text, you will be able to view whole web pages at a time.


The new emphasis in the app department is on creating- not just on watching movies, playing games and passing time.  The New iPad is to be used to create your own personal content.  To edit photos, create movies and making your own music.  And even though Siri still isn’t a member of the iPad family there is a dictation feature that will type as you talk and let you respond to emails or write a document without having to use the onscreen keyboard.

Also new in the new IPad is Bluetooth 4.0 support.  If your experience with Bluetooth has been like mine in that you practically the need the device in your hand or on your body for it to not lose the connection then you’ll really appreciate Bluetooth 4.0 with its 200 foot range.  And if it a mobile data plan version of the iPad that you are after the new LTE 4G support will let you stream from the internet  faster sitting in the park with your iPad than sitting at your desk with your desktop computer plugged into your cable modem. 


With the new iPad Apple may be putting the final nail in the coffin of the tradional PC. So be at the forefront of this new technology by getting in on the action today.  Don’t have people laughing at you when you tell them you have to get home and turn on your computer so you can check your email.

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