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The Nook Color is really more of an e-reader plus.  Compared to the Kindle Fire (its closest competitor) which is much more of a multifunction tablet.  If you are big on Barnes and Noble and don’t plan to use a small tablet screen to watch movies then the Nook Color might be just right for you.  And if you are looking for a single device to take on a trip to somewhere far away without wi-fi the fact that the Nook Color has a micro-SD card slot means you can add to the internal storage of the device.  With the Kindle Fire you are stuck with something less than 8gb of accessible internal memory.  With the addition of a 32gb micro SD card you can up the storage on the Nook Color to nearly 40gb.  Books won’t take up all that space- but if download music onto your e-reader to listen to as you read then you should be able to fit your entire collection.

     The hardware on the current Nook Color is already a little behind the times and it more comfortable when used in the portrait mode- as opposed to the Kindle Fire which really works just as well in landscape mode.  But then most books and magazines are in portrait mode, aren’t they?

     The Nook Color is good for what it does, but it doesn’t do quite as much as a Kindle Fire.  The extra storage capability could be useful when you will be away from wi-fi, but without access to the Google App store or videos you don’t have that much to stream.  Buy it if you are a Barnes and Noble devotee and are happy in their limited ecosystem. If your looking for something a little more versitile then you might want to look at some of our other Tablet PC reviews and think about getting one of them instead.                

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