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Olde Brooklyn Lantern

The Olde Brooklyn Lantern Review

I picked up the Olde Brooklyn Lantern at a Drugstore by my house for $15.99, but you can get it for 12 bucks with the link provided below. I love the look and rustic elegance of the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, but is not as bright as it appears in the television ad. I think this would be better as a decorative piece rather than expecting to use it like a flashlight or lamp. I have taken it camping and it looks really cool hanging from my camper door so I can find my way back from the campfire. It also looks awesome at home sitting on top of the fireplace mantle. It really ads nuance to a romantic night at home, and can be used in lieu of candles and is a lot safer than clandles or a real lantern.
I really like my Olde Brooklyn Lantern and I give it 3 stars in my Olde Brooklyn Lantern Review, but people should realize that this is a show piece and a nice one at that, and for 12 bucks you cant get a decent lantern anyway, so for what you get I think it was a great deal. It really just depends on what you want it for and how you intend to use it that will determine how satisfied you are with your Olde Brooklyn Lantern. 

Watch my Olde Brooklyn Lantern Video Review below to see the Olde Brooklyn Lantern in action!

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