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We have all seen the ads on television for those 'as seen on t.v.' pillows that are going to change your life through a wonderful nights sleep. Many of these pillows seem hokey and are obviously a scam, but there are a few of the more popular as seen on t.v. pillows that just might be on to something. Here we will take a look at 3 of the most popular as seen on t.v. pillow to see which are worth buying. The 3 popular seen on t.v. pillows I will be looking at are: Sobakawa (buckwheat) pillow, MyPillow, and the Total Pillow.

The Sobakawa Pillow has been around for years and has maintained a strong following over the years. The main thing toremember with the Sobakawa Pillow is that it is a firm pillow designed for back sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach or side this pillow may be too firm for you. The other thing to keep in mind is that the buckwheat makes noise when you move around and some people have found that distracting. So if you move around a lot when you sleep you might want to think about looking at the MyPillow Review below. Finally you want to make sure you get a Sobakawa Pillow with clean fresh buckwheat, as I have heard stories about smells coming from the pillow and upon tearing it open finding the buckwheat to be very dirty. So be sure to order your Buckwheat pillow from a reputable source like the one located at the bottom of this page or read or full Sobakawa Pillow Review Here.

MyPillow is relatively new, but has been undergoing one of the most aggresive ad campaigns of any 'asseenontv' product I have seen in a while. This pillow is great for back or stomach sleepers,and side sleepers as well. It's the filling in the MyPillow that makes it unique. It is completely hypoallergenic and holds its shape do to the way the pieces of filling brace each other. Some people have said it takes a little getting used to, as you need to shape the pillow just right for your needs. The MyPillow is supposed to be great for snorers as it holds your head in such a way as to relax the airway and allow you to breathe easier. There has been a lot of hype around this pillow, but if your looking for a new pillow to try, this one might just be worth a try. You will find a link for the site below or go here to read the full MyPillow Review.

The last as seen on t.v. pillow I am going to be looking at is the Total Pillow. This is more of a travel pillow or nap pillow then an actual sleeping pillow you would use at night. It is in my opinion however, one of the best napping pillows ever. I use my Total Pillow on the bus every morning and its awesome! The pillow folds in half and can hook around your neck creating the most comfortable head support ever. The pillow itself is plush and soft and can be bent and molded into many different shapes. Aside from napping the Total Pillow is also great as a back support at work, creating the perfect lumbar support. You can order the Total Pillow with the link below, or check out the full 
Total Pillow Review Here.

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