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    PC Matic wants to be your all-in-one PC security package software as well as a "registry mechanic" and a computer cleaner. Unfortunately, like many other such "wanna-be" programs, PC Matic tends to get in the way of the computer maintaining itself. Windows 7 is able to maintain itself pretty well, much better than Windows 95 and 98. Back in those early Windows days I used a utility similar to PC Matic called Norton SystemWorks. It was from back in the day when Peter Norton still ran the company and before Symantec bought the company out. With those earlier versions of Windows you needed some extra software to keep everything running smoothly.

    Now, in 2012, Windows 7 can take care of maintaining itself if you can keep from installing spyware, malware or a virus onto it. And to that end Microsoft has even released a free antivirus program that works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Microsoft Security Essentials is a good basic antivirus program. It is clean and small and since it is free and from Microsoft it isn’t bloated with features many people don’t need. Norton and McAfee and their brethren need to "offer more" to get you to pay $50-a-year for software that you can get for free from Microsoft.

    And $50-a-year is the retail price for PC Matic, though if you search around you can find it for less. And in their push to offer you more they claim to offer you everything- they will protect your PC from internet nasties, update drivers automatically, clean up unnecessary files and outdated registry entries and report on your hard disk fragmentation. Fifteen years ago that might have been a package you needed, but not anymore. I work on computers for people and small businesses on a daily basis and hardly a week goes by that I don’t have to remove this type of software that the customer bought to try and speed up their computer or fix various errors that kept occurring. I have to tell them "I know you paid for this software but it is causing more problems than it fixes."

    If your computer is running slowly and having a variety of odd errors and lock-ups the best way to spend your money is on an anti-Malware program not PC Matic. A decade ago, when Malware started becoming more widespread than virus issues I used two very good programs that you can still download today- AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy. Very good in their time I now am a big fan of Malwarebytes. It is a program that has both a free and pay version. The free version can help you once you are already infected- if you can get online to download or to get the updates for it. The pay version is the way to go as it runs in the background on your computer and keeps you from landing on websites where you would pick up an infection. Install either version on your computer, update it and run a scan. I would guess most people will get the message that there is some adware or spyware hiding on their computer. Cleaning that type of infection off the system is one of the best ways to speed up your computer and fix many of those random errors and lock-ups.

    The advantage you have over my customers is that you haven’t already spent your money on this program and so the only bad news I have to break to you is that PC Matic may not be the best thing to have on your computer in the 21st century. Thanks for reading my PC Matic Review, go here for more tech gadget reviews.

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