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Pedi Spin Review - as seen on tv 

The Pedi Spin & Dry Skin Remover is a new product made by the manufactures of the popular Ped Egg. I was very excited to try the Pedi Spin because I always liked the Ped Egg. The PediSpin does have good results, but the rougher your skin, the more time consuming it is. As I found out when doing my Pedi Spin Review, if you apply too much pressure, the motor will stop, so you have to go very lightly and it can take a long time to get smooth skin. I would suggest using the Pedi Spin for a about 10 minutes twice a day or so rather than expecting the Pedi Spin to produce smooth skin the first time you use it. Or start using it after you have had your feet done to keep them smooth.

If you order the Pedi Spin directly from the official website (the safe direct link is below), than you get the 30 day money back guarantee and the confidence of ordering from a well known and respected merchant. See what you think, I haven’t thrown away my Ped Egg just yet…you can find a link for the Pedi Egg on the right if you want to check that out. Thank you for reading my Pedi Spin Review, for more Home and Beauty Product Reviews check here.

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