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The Pedi Paws Review
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The Pedi Paws atomated dog nail trimmer has been a popular 'as seen on TV' item for several years now. I bought my Pedi Paws about a year ago and have been using it succesfully since that time. It took awhile for my dogs to get used to the sound and vibration that the Pedi Paws makes when turned on. After only a few short sessions with the product however, I was able to use it on both dogs with no problem.
Also, you will not be able to trim a long nail down in one session. As I explain in the Pedi Paws review you will have to take off layers of nails each session. Keeping the rotating nail file on the nail for too long can cause the nail to become hot and start to smoke causing obvious discomfort to your dog. Instead just focus on taking off a little more of the nail each time you use it, getting the nails down to a desired length over a number of weeks. Once the nails are at a desired length, it requires very little effort to keep them short.
This device would be excellent for well groomed dogs to keep their nails short at home rather than paying a professional, but might be tougher on ungroomed dogs with longer nails. Either way the key to using this product is going slow and allowing your dogs to get used to it before using it for a prolonged session. Once your dogs are accustomed to Pedi Paws, and you become confident using it, the Pedi Paws nail trimmer should provide years of great service.
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