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Pet Seat Cover Review

Here is something I use to keep my dogs from jumping into the front seat. It works great!

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Keep your dog in the back seat

PET SEAT COVER Review    as seen on tv

    User reports on the pet seat cover are mixed -- some found it satisfactory, others did not. It appears that for a dog that lies quietly on the back seat, it’s quite helpful. For all those dogs who jump around in the car, not so much. The complaints include -- the holes for the seat belts don’t match up with the seat belts and the cover becomes scrunched up and wadded as the dog moves around. As for the seat belt holes, it’s hard to imagine anyone would want to sit on the back seat with a dog jumping around, slobbering and shedding hair, so this wouldn’t seem to be much of a drawback.

On the positive side, a user reports the pet seat cover is great to protect the seat from a folded walker, sometimes with wet or muddy wheels. For people who do carry things besides dogs on the back seats of their cars, this pet seat cover could be useful When I did my pet seat cover review I found my dogs didn't mind the cover at all. For someone with a couple of energetic Labs or Pit Bulls, this product wouldn’t be much help. For some others, especially as it’s not a costly item, it could be good to have available, even if it’s only used once in a while. Thanks for reading my Pet Seat Cover Review, check here for more Pet Product Reviews.

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