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Pocket Hose Review

The Pocket Hose Review

The Pocket Hose looks to be one of this years big as seen on TV products that everyone will be clamoring for. This is exactly the type of as seen on TV products I like because it is a new idea on an old product and a good idea at that - if it works of course. I didn't really expect much from this $20 hose as I expected it to be more expensive and when I saw how cheap it was I figured "more as seen on TV cheap junk", but I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised by this nifty little hose.
You can watch my video review for the Pocket Hose below and see exactly how well it lives up to the claims made in the commercials. I test its expansion and retraction as well as the general water flow from this hose. I was very impressed with the Pocket Hose and This Pocket Hose Review has been one of the better reviews I have don't for an as seen on TV product. Use the link below to visit the website for the Pocket Hose.

Watch my Video Review for the Pocket Hose.

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