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Procera AVH Review

The Procera AVH Review    as seen on tv


Procera AVH Review by Katie - as seen on tv

     Most of us have problems with our memory from time to time. Whether it’s due to stress or lack of sleep, memory and concentration issues can have serious consequences like forgetting the name of an important client, missing a child’s doctor appointment, or leaving the stove on. We’ve all seen advertisements and commercials for products promising to improve memory, focus or concentration, and we’re skeptical of their effectiveness. The newest product on the market is Procera AVH, which of course makes the same promises. I have read a multitude of blogs and reviews to see what actual consumers are saying about Procera AVH, and here is what I found.

, Procera AVH is an over the counter dietary supplement. The manufacturer claims Procera AVH improves memory in 3 ways:

*Increases oxygen levels to the brain, resulting in better brain function

*Protects your brain against the free radicals caused by toxins and stress

*Rebuilds weakened or reduced neurotransmitters to increase mental sharpness They claim

Procera AVH is clinically shown to help improve memory, focus, concentration, mental clarity, mental energy and mood, and can even reverse 10-15 years of memory loss. The official website, (see direct link below) describes the clinical study as " a Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study with a significant number of participants." They do not state how many people participated in the study, or whether the participants were men, women, their age groups, etc. There were many positive reviews of the product, with most reviews and blogs validating the manufacturer’s claims of memory and concentration improvement.
     There were even many comments regarding Procera AVH’s improvement of libido and relief from depression and anxiety. Other favorable comments included that Procera AVH increased creativity and promoted a better more restful night’s sleep. Many retired people attributed their newfound positivity, creativity and increased mental alertness to Procera. Professional people who took Procera raved about its effect on mental energy, multi-tasking abilities, and overall memory function. These same benefits were also described by stay-at-home parents. In comparison with other products, Procera AVH also took effect much faster than competing products. Consumers stated they noticed a difference after taking Procera AVH ranging from a few days to 30 days. Similar product were said to take 30-90 days to take effect. Provera AVH also seemed to help most people with what I call "blanking out", like when you forget what you were saying in the middle of a conversation, forgetting the name of someone important, or just overall mental sluggishness. These comments were from mostly professional or retired people in the 40-55 age range, but Procera AVH is said to be effective for people of all ages, although they do state that children under 18 shouldn’t take it unless their pediatrician approves. Procera AVH was also credited by many users for saving their job or relationship by improving their focus, clarity and energy. Some consumers expressed concern about possible side effects from the ingredients. Of the 3 main elements in Procera AVH, 2 of them were said to possibly have a blood thinner effect, which apparently could potentially interfere with anti-coagulant medications. Another concern voiced by consumers was that 1 of the ingredients could slow heart rate, potentially interfering with blood pressure medications, or even worsen an existing condition such as emphysema, COPD, or asthma. These seemed to be mostly speculations or concerns voiced on blogs, and comment pages, and not people actually claiming to have suffered these side effects. As with any drug or supplement, you should consult your physician before taking Procera AVH. Thanks for reading my Procera AVH Review, for more Health and Fitness Reviews check here.

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