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Raspberry Ketone Review


Raspberry Ketones were called a miracle diet suppliment by Dr Oz

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Raspberry Ketone Review - As Seen on the Dr Oz Show

    A few months back Dr. Oz mentioned a product on his show about a "miracle" fat-burning product called Raspberry Ketone and he did a Raspberry Ketone Review on his show. The Raspberry ketones are the very small percentage of the Raspberry that give the berry its fruity scent. Some studies on mice claim that if a large quantity of Raspberry Ketones are consumed with a high fat diet that the mice, quite surprisingly, didn’t gain weight or suffer medically in ways that usually accompany high-fat diets.

    Soon after that Dr. Oz episode aired, and with each subsequent airing, bottles of Raspberry Ketone are quickly sold out at local health food and vitamin shops. Even though the evidence is scant, Dr. Oz saying Raspberry Ketone can help you lose weight was enough for many people to risk a few dollars to give it a try. He also says clearly that this supplement may be what you need to give your weight loss a boost- that it works in conjunction with exercise and diet.

    I know very well about the weight loss "plateau" that everybody hits and how after a few months of nice weight loss it can come to seem that you will never lose another pound. If you are in that situation I think trying Raspberry Ketone is worth a try. If you are going to sign up for a month or three with Nutrisystem or Jenny Criag then adding this supplement may increase the results you are going to see. But if you are going to wash down this weight loss booster with a box of doughnuts and 2 liters of Coke I doubt you will see any results.


    Doctor Oz took on the apple juice companies last year and even when they got the FDA and USDA to say that apple juice wasn’t contaminated with the chemicals in question Dr. Oz didn’t back down and insisted his lab results were correct. A month later the government and the juice companies admitted Dr. Oz was right and that they would work on getting the chemicals out of the juice. So if Dr. Oz says Raspberry Ketone will do you some good, and isn’t going to risk your health, I think it is worth a try. And there are a number of other berry and nutrition supplements that claim to have the same effect of fat-burning and metabolism boosting. We have found a company that offers a Raspberry Ketones diet supplement that is combined with other weight-loss enhancers- check it out here and you will even get $5 off your order. Thanks for reading my Raspberry Ketone Review, click here for more Health and Fitness Reviews.

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