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           Red Dragon E-Cig Review 

    Another great e-cig company has just finalized the 5th version of their 2-part mini electronic cigarette. I like its size as it is one of the smallest electronic cigarettes on the market. Plus it’s easier to smoke and the pack of mini e-cigs is just like a pack of regular cigarettes. The best thing about this product is the Red Dragon V-5 battery, which produces vapor for as long as you drag. This results in unlimited vapor production and this is exclusive to Red Dragon. I think it is pretty comparative to the Vapormax technology found in other brands and puts out comparable vapor to the other top brands. 

    I also like that they offer 5 different strengths of nicotine: extra high 24mg, high 16mg, medium 11mg, low 6mg, and 0 mg. Red Dragon makes the best disposable e cig available right now and alsomake a great rechargeable e-cig. Red Dragon also has one of the fastest shipping I’ve experienced; I got mine the day after I ordered it! They also offer flavors like- regular, light, cherry, vanilla, menthol, and Marlboro. Red Dragon even sells empty cartridges so you fill them with e-liquid, which you can buy from their website this can be a real cost saver. Red Dragons multiple kits are all very reasonably priced and offer some of the best e cig deals available for a product of this quality . Red Dragon is a better fit for someone who may want to make a small purchase to try the product without putting out a lot of money and as I said even the disposable is a very good smoke and great way to try them out. 

                 Red Dragon offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk. They offer various chargers, cartridges, flavors, and accessories so you’ll find everything you need to start vaping and keep vaping for years. If your thinking about making the switch to e cigs or are just wanting to try something new, I would highly recommend giving Red Dragon E Cigs a chance. Below is the direct link to the official website.

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