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Sampson and Delilah

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    An early example of the biblical spectacular that would inspire many others over the next couple of decades. Adapted from the Book of Judges in the bible, Samson and Delilah was well regarded by critics and audiences, earning three Oscars and being nominated for three others. It was the highest-grossing movie of 1950 and continued to sell tickets in the next few years. Victor Mature was cast as Samson, despite being disliked by director Cecil B. DeMille, who wanted muscleman Steve Reeves for the part. Hedy LaMarr, considered the most beautiful movie actress of the time, did a fine job as Delilah, Samson's hair stylist. The supporting cast includes good work by Angela Lansbury (long before Murder, She Wrote) and George Sanders. In Samson and Delilah it can truly be said that Victor Mature brought down the house.

1949, Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

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