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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the standard bearer for the Android line of tablets.  It goes up well against the Apple iPad 2, but with the “New iPad” out in mid-March a new standard bearer is needed.  The price on the Galaxy Tab, however, has dropped a couple to times and for the price it is a good deal today.


You might be surprised to learn that the Galaxy Tab is actually thinner and lighter than both the iPad 2 and the New iPad.  Yet the battery life is rated at the same 10 hours.  Unfortunately there is no expansion port (like USB) or an HDMI out port so you can send the video to your living room TV.  The OS on the Galaxy Tab is Honeycomb 3.1- with no plans to make ICS (Android OS version 4) an upgrade option you can wait for the new Galaxy Tab 2 which will ship with ICS and all updated hardware.

Some features of the Galaxy Tab that outdo the various iPads are side speakers- the iPad and many other tablet models have the speakers on the back of the device.  While you are holding the tablet up you can hear the sound- but put it down on a table or onto your lap and the sound is muffled.  With the Tab’s side speakers you get a semblance of stereo sound and you don’t have to worry about the sound getting cut off if you lay the device down.


Another unique feature of the Galaxy Tab is a 4-axis  accelerometer.  The iPad and many other tablets make do with 3-axis sensing.  If you are into games that have you twist and turn and rotate the tablet to move down the field/road/asteroid belt, etc that you will love the responsiveness and sharpness of the motion that you get from a 4-axis sensor.

At the current selling price of $399 this device is a great deal.  But if you need the latest and greatest plan to spend a few hundred more and wait a few more months.

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