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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review


Samsung Galaxy S III Review

Available on all carriers, the Samsung Galaxy S III is now the phone to beat- and the upcoming iPhone 5 is probably the only phone that has a chance of doing it. No, the S3 doesn’t have a quad-core processor and the body isn’t made from exotic baked ceramic but it combines the best of the large screen Galaxy Note and the super zippy HTC One. It has got a big battery – though not quite as large as the Droid Razr Maxx, and it’s a good- gets through the whole day on a single charge- kind of phone.

For detailed charts about all aspects of the Galaxy S III performance you can’t beat the analysis they do over at www.Anandtech.com , but to synthesize all those details into what a regular user would like, or would be disappointed about, in a phone- read on.

Big screen- 4.8 inches on the diagonal. And a resolution of 1280 x 720 which is close to what your average computer monitor displayed just a few years ago. The type of display in PenTile- which was touted as a great technology when the groundbreaking Nexus One shipped with it two and half years ago, but it is no longer the latest thing. But the screen is plenty bright and responsive. Don’t start thinking though that this phone is intended to be a gaming demon- the video chip that drives the screen is fine for Netflix watching and a quick game of Fruit Ninja, but it is not a high end graphics chip that will speed though any game, while at the same time speeding through your battery.

Ice Cream Sandwich- Google’s latest version of its phone/tablet Android operating system greets you when you turn on the phone- but it is not pure Android. Samsung’s "enhancement" overlay called "Touch Wiz" comes preinstalled and you will have to root the phone if you want to get the phone back to how Google intended. If you want pure Google you can get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus direct from the Google Store- but this phone is much improved over the Nexus and if you can afford the price tag ($649 ~ $699) compared to the $399 Galaxy Nexus you will be glad you did. I bought a Galaxy Nexus a few months ago and you can read the review here: I ended up glad I didn’t get the Galaxy S II, but I did envy the speed of the HTC One. But with the Galaxy S III out there is really no contest- right now this is by far the best phone you can buy.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S III will be shipping on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint and since the body size and contacts are about identical there should be lots of accessories available for the phone shortly. I have found the horizontal docks are very nice and I really like the Samsung dock that I use for my Galaxy Nexus- you can read that review here: Galaxy Nexus Dock Review

Samsung finally got right with this phone what they were attempting with the entire previous line of Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus models. Micro SD card slot, 2gb of memory, long battery life, big, but not too big, screen, removable battery and great video capture. Start putting your pennies together- until the iPhone 5 comes out this is the one to get.

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