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You've seen the schticky on tv, you've heard Vince giving you his sales pitch, but now its time to find out if the schticky roller really works. The schticky is more than just a lint roller, more than just a Hoky or swill sweeper, its also more than a duster, because its all of these. The little schticky is a lint roller, the regular schticky is a duster, and the big schticky is a sweeper. Right now you can get all 3 for just $19.99! Act now, you wont find this offer in any store, but dont worry cause you found it here. Now click a link and get your own schticky roller and start spot touching up your world today.

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The Schticky Review
as seen on tv

I received my package from Schticky Inc. on my doorstep today and immediately put it to the challenge we had ordered it for- cleaning the girls’ hair off of the car seats. Having two daughters with long hair and a car with upholstery seats means a layer of hair constantly coating the back of the seat. After my daughter saw the TV commercial for the Schticky she suggested that it might be an easy way to remove that hair coating. So we tried it out.

We used the medium sized Schticky- which come on a roller with a handle- and ran it across the back of the seat. To my surprise it worked really well and in less than 30 seconds the seat back was hair-free. Of course now we had a hair-encrusted Schicky- so the next question was how easy it would be to clean. We took it to the bathroom sink and ran some warm water and ran it under the water while adding a dab of liquid hand soap. The Schticky immediately lost its stick- but the hair didn’t just run off of the roller. We found that if we removed the roller from the handle and just slid a hand along it the hair did just slide to the side and was easily removed. Our last question was whether the Schticky would regain its stickiness after being washed.

 We let the roller air dry then put it back on the handle and tried it out on car seat number 2. Here there was hair and crumbs on the seat. Surprising me again the roller was just as sticky as when we took it out of the box and it readily picked up hair and the smaller crumbs. It did have trouble with the larger crumbs. But overall a pretty quick and easy way to clean up the car.

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