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Sunshine Kids Seat Belt Pillow Review - As seen on tv

This super soft micro fleece pillow is made by Sunshine Kids, but is a great seat belt pillow for kids or adults. We often feel bad to see our kids falling a sleep in the back seat only to see their little heads snap foward and startling them awake. We all remember what this feeling is like, and its not very pleasant. So the good people from Sunshine kids have come up with a solution to this problem with their seat belt pillow for kids.

This super soft pillow wraps around the cars seat belt and satys in the car so its always their when you need it. Now your little ones can does off comfortably and with confidence as the car seat pillow cradles their heads and lets them sleep away long car rides. This pillow can also be hooked to the seat belts in the front seats as well , in case some adults nap time is required on those long trips.

A couple issues people have had with these pillows is that they dont wrap aroud the seat belt as tightly as some people would like allowing them to slide back down the seat belt and out of position. Some people had also expected the pillows to be a little larger ( they measure: 11inches by 4 inches) but for the most part people have been extremely pleased. They come in grey and black or pink colors and can be ordered with the link below. If you have kids, or just like to nap on rode trips this people might just be the solution for you. Anyway at under $15 you cant go wrong, this people is easily worth the price.

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