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The Shake Weight Review Page
as seen on tv

The Shake Weight (as seen on tv) is the revolutionary new piece of excercise equipment that's been sweeping the nation. The shake weight is 3 times more effective than a regular dumbell alone and can be used by almost anyone. The shake weight is great for older people and people with special needs as well. This is one of the only excercises that allows the user to get an arobic workout while using just the upper body. See what a long time shake weight user like my father has to say about the Shake Weight in his own Shake Weight Review.

Actual Shake Weight User, and my Father...

 The Shake Weight is useful for more than improving your physique, assuming it really does
that as advertised. For an arthritic 70-something, like me, who can no longer use a rebounder or Nordic
skier or go jogging, with a 20- to 30-minute routine the Shake Weight can provide increased
heart and respiration rates, while also keeping upper body joints flexible. (The number of reps
is what matters, rather than elapsed time.)
It’s easy to start with a few reps in each position, taking 10 minutes or less, and then increasing
the number of reps week by week. Since the Shake Weight can be used either standing or sitting,
it can even be used by someone in a wheelchair. The best way to develop the self-discipline to
stick with it is to use it at about the same time every day, making it a fixed part of your daily routine,
like eating lunch or brushing your teeth. Thank you for reading my Shake Weight Review, for more Health and Fitness Reviews go here.


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