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                           Movie Title:   STAR WARS  


    When ancient Rome, Egypt and the Holy Land were no longer sufficiently exotic settings for an epic film, Star Wars took audiences to a galaxy far far away. One description of this film called it a fantasy space opera, which fits, except there is no singing and no fat lady to let you know when it's over. (As things turned out, when this film ended it was just the beginning, launching two sequels and three prequals over the next couple of decades.) 
      Star Wars is also, in essence, a morality play, pitting good versus evil. Instead of a Holy Spirit that can be called upon, there is "The Force," (may it be with you) which can bestow mystical powers. Mark Hamil stars as Luke Skywalker (with that name he obviously is a defender of the good). Darth Vader (with the dramatic baritone voice of James Earl Jones), dressed like a later-day Nazi, channels the "Dark Side." Luke is aided by Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guiness). Harrison Ford registers as somewhere between the goodness of Luke and the evil of Darth, someone we ordinaries can relate to.


    *The Star Wars series of films have made about 4.5 billion dollars, so far.

1977, Produced & Directed by George Lucas

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